Shady Acres Sheep Farm
and Border Collies
Ash is a full brother to Topper and 2 years younger.  While having a completely different personality, Ash has the same natural instincts and desire to work. He is of great benefit to our working farm and he and Steven compete at the Pro Novice level.
No sheep farm is complete without a good stock dog.
My 1st Border Collie Jute came before the sheep.  Due to her age and my lack of experience, training her to work sheep was not a complete success, although with her desire to work she does have her uses.
The star of the farm for a decade has been Rocky Top. With his natural abilities and willingness to please, Topper taught me much more than I ever did him. Without Topper's help the daily running of the farm would have been much harder – and not near as much fun! Topper is now semi-retired and works a bit less.
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baby "Tripp"
baby "Rye"
Top and I competing in 
Open Class in sheep herding. 
Sage gave us 3 litters of pups before we retired her from breeding. She was bred the first time to Debbie Bailey's "Camp" and the second time (unplanned) to Ash. The last time we took her to Hoss, the sire of both Topper and Ash.
Paula McCaleb and Topper won Novice Dog of the Year award from the Mid South Stock Dog Association 2009
young Ash
We bred Sage for the first time to Debbie Bailey's "Camp", and retained 2 males; Rye and Tripp.
And finally, we retained a beautiful female from Sage's last litter: Thyme.