We are located in southern middle Tennessee where some of the best grazing land is to be found. Our farm has been in the family for generations.  Our home–circa early 1800’s–sits in the middle of our 70 acres where we raise White Dorper Sheep and commercial hair sheep. 

Welcome to Shady Acres Sheep Farm
This page was last updated: October 5, 2017
Our flocks graze on pesticide free green pastures and are rotated often. We occasionally supplement with wholesome grains, and they receive hay in winter. Our livestock guardian dogs patrol the property and deter coyotes and stray dogs from the sheep and their lambs which allows our sheep to graze in a stress free environment.
White Dorper sheep are a well muscled meat type sheep that has hair or a wool blend that sheds naturally. So no shearing is required. They are a hardy sheep that matures rapidly, and are excellent mothers. They can breed year around and lamb in the fields. The Dorper meat is lean and tender and has a mild flavor. 
We have been shepherds and stockdog handlers since 2006. We began with a small flock of 10 Dorper/Katahdin cross ewes bred to a fullblood White Dorper ram. We were impressed with the quick growth rate of the higher percentage Dorper lambs, and now have a small flock of purebred White Dorper ewes along with commercial white hair ewes, which we breed to fullblood White Dorper rams from Turnbull Farms.
Shady Acres Sheep Farm